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Hello! I’m Luwa. I will be mainly sharing hacks and tips. If you have any questions, worries or anything you want to talk about, you are more than welcome to.

I love giving people tips or hacks that will help them in general, so I will be choosing different topics each week and hopefully they are topics that you would like to know about, if not, you can suggest a different topic.

We will not only be talking about girly girl things we will try to vary. We are all different, no one is the same!

I hope you come on our website again. Don’t miss our next post!

4 thoughts on “Hacks & Tips”

  1. I think this website is very detailed but I think you can improve on this website by linking other websites to it and explain in detail how girls world is a good website. I like your how you have a lot of useful widgets.

  2. Araoluwa this is a great post. It is detailed but maybe in the title you could say what the hacks and tips are about, so as soon as you read the title you know what the post is about. And also I think it would be even better if you add some pictures. Keep up the good work!

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