Filters on VSCO

Hey guys so today i am going to be sharing with you my favorite, most used app called VSCO and editing packs to get an epic theme.

On VSCO you can purchase more filters which i have but most of my posts will be using in app filters that are completely free but if you guys are into photography and want to buy some packs in the future i will do some posts about my favorite packs that you can purchase.

Anyways these are some packs of filters and edits that you can do for a specific theme.

I personally always stick to one theme when editing my photos and occasionally play around with filters and exposures to find new themes and change them around most of the time.

Make sure to check my next post right after this for my favorites!





Hey, Hola, Aloha,

Welcome back to A Girl’s World.

My name is Sophia and my main topic is going to be photography. I love photography and I’m going to be sharing with you guys my favorite apps, filters etc. Every week i am going to be doing a specific theme of editing so there will be a screen record of how i edit a specific type of picture for example, nature, outdoors, bright, dark etc.

I hope you guys enjoy my posts to come!